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From our offices in Skopje, Macedonia and Accra, Ghana, we are currently implementing projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Balkans. Core staff previously held senior management positions in IT for financial institutions, in software development as well as project management. All our staff has ample work experience in developing countries.

Christophe Bretagnolle

Managing Partner

Combines 20 years of experience providing IT solutions to various type of businesses. For the past 10 years he has been supporting financial institutions in Europe and Africa with their IT processes and has trained and mentored several teams around the world. His expertise covers most of IT for financial institutions from system administration to application development, complemented by a solid knowledge of banking products and processes.
At PCES, Christophe is responsible for product development and acts as IT consultant in various projects in Africa.

Faisal Abdul Wahab

Managing Partner

Has more than a decade experience as an IT specialist with extensive management responsibilities and practical knowledge of the challenges related to finance in the African context. His track record of implemented projects is vast, ranging from implementing agent networks to migration of core banking system or application development to support the digitalization along agricultural value chains.
Faisal manages the Ghana office of PCES and all operations in Africa, as well as international business development.

Gjorgji Gjorgjievski

Managing Partner

Has vast experience in IT for financial institutions, particularly in South East Europe. He managed or supported all major IT implementations of the ProCredit Group in that area over the last years. Gorgi specializes in the analysis of business processes and the development of tailored IT solutions to assure reliability, availability and scalability of applications for financial institution. Furthermore, he has extensive expertise in business analysis, banking product innovation and implementation, with strong focus on mobile banking services, online processing technologies and card related products.
Gorgi manages the Macedonia office of PCES, administration and HR, while being actively involved in project implementation.

Jovan Trajkov

Managing Partner

Jovan has ample experience in providing IT services to financial institutions in various contexts. He has developed tailored systems to meet regulatory requirements in Germany, as well as implemented payment solutions in Africa.
Jovan is the Lead Developer at PCES, thereby supporting the development of tailored IT applications in our projects.

Dejan Gjorgjevikj

Managing Partner

Dejan combines multiple years of experience in IT project management and sound technical skills with an informatics engineering background. He participated or led Core Banking System implementations in over ten institutions ins Africa and South-East Europe. Recently, he managed a project to bring a long-standing core banking system to the cloud, implementing a SAAS business model. His widespread project management experience from payments to e-banking, across different platforms, countries and roles is a huge asset for PCES. With us, he focuses on product development, coordinating business- technical development.

Lidija Petreska


Managing and developing IT for Financial Institutions over the last 10+ years, Lidija has specialised in IT audits: reviewing and improving IT ecosystems of financial institutions. At PCES, she forms a central part of our consulting services, sourcing from a wide range of experiences in technical, organizational as well as geographical terms. These experiences together with her diligent and open nature bring together a unique expert and consultant. Furthermore, Lidija is a Digital Financial Services expert, helping our clients to take advantage of digitization based on a distinct strategy.

Christopher joined PCES in October 2017, he has vast experience in providing IT services to financial institutions with extensive project management responsibilities and practical knowledge in core banking, SMS mobile banking and internet banking across Africa. Christopher has ever worked at the intersection of IT and business and is used to facilitate between business- and technical requirements.

Eleonora Gegovska


Eleonora has a proven track record in software development for financial institutions. She joined PCES in March 2018 and is already structurally involved in our major development projects. Already before, Eleonora has always mastered new technologies and programming patterns in record time; such responsiveness, paired with her heads-on approach to solving challenges, enables her to deliver impressive results with ease. Also, the diversity of projects Eleonora has worked on elevated her analytical capacity, which is appreciated within our team and by our clients.

Kwabena Adu


For over 7 years, Kwabena has been involved in the Software solutions industry. His experience cuts across software engineering, web and database solutions as well as team management. Kwabena has been involved in the development of several solutions across Africa and Europe. These solutions vary from small websites and mobile apps, to data intensive applications in finance, agriculture, health and education. Kwabena is IT Consultant at PCES since July 2017.

Jesse Cofie


Jesse joined PCES in November 2017, he has over 6 years of software development experience, a strong aptitude for learning new technologies, and a proven track record of product delivery. He has been successful in providing high-level technical direction to drive projects from conception and design through development, QA and deployment. His knowledge as a programmer and passion for new technologies fit in very well with PCES.

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