Expert Services


Independent IT consulting services putting business processes first

IT in all its facets is our foundation and core competency. We are familiar with challenges to IT systems in the most different settings, from rural finance to BASEL regulations. Thereby, we offer a substantial added value introducing specialized IT consulting to developing countries. In particular, we offer expertise in:

  • IT Diagnosis, Audits and Strategy Development
  • Gap Analysis and Requirement Definition
  • Data-flow and consistency analysis
  • Project Management and System Migrations
  • MIS Optimization
  • Trainings and Workshops

We support our customers to identify optimal IT solutions as advisors at the juncture of IT and business. Hence, our approach emphasizes a thorough understanding of the market and hands-on consultancy based on our experience in:

  • Management of IT teams and departments
  • Core Banking and Information Systems
  • Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Europe
  • Process Digitization
  • Digital Finance

PCES IT Diagnosis for Financial Institutions

Unfortunately, Investors and Managers perceive IT systems and operations as a “Blackbox”. In the context of increasing digitalization in the sector this leads to open questions such as:

  • Do we make the most of our systems?
  • What potentials can we unlock?
  • How can digitization help us to generate value?
  • How do we digitize successfully?

We believe that the answer to these question lies in generating a coherent understanding of the interactions between IT systems, operative processes and the institutions’ business strategy. Based on years of experience in IT for Financial Institutions (FI) we developed a dedicated analytical framework: The diagnosis streamlines the assessment of IT systems, data structure and (digitized) operations of Financial Institutions and highlights recommendations along three dimensions: Technology, Operations and Management.

Expert Services 18/10/2017